Animal Nanny Russ
In-Home Pet Sitting

Frequently Asked Questions!

1. What is Animal Nanny?

            Animal Nanny cares for your animals in your home while you are at work, at play or away. Often people think pet sitting is only for times when they are out of town. Many of our clients have found our services invaluable during their workday.

2. Why is Animal Nanny my best choice.

            We love what we do! Your piece of mind and your animal's comfort is our primary focus. Our charge is per visit, rather than per task or per animal. We are conscientious about your schedule and your needs. Our 16 years of service is our customers' vote of confidence. Many have been with us from the beginning.

3. I am concerned how my dog interacts with other dogs.

            We recognize the delicacy of this situation. We will follow your explicit instructions on how to care for your pet in these circumstances and keep them safe.

4. Do you care for animals other than dogs?

            We’ve taken care of all types of animals large and small during our 16 years of business. We will feed, walk and LOVE your Paws, Fins, Scales, Hooves, Beaks and even Claws!

5. My pet has special medical needs. Can you still help?

            We are comfortable and have experience administering insulin, pills, eye drops, ointments and other medications. We will carefully follow your detailed instructions.

6. My pet is a picky eater.

            One of the benefits of using Animal Nanny is, we use your pet's food in your home, maintaining your routine.

7. How do you handle emergencies while I am away?

            During our initial interview we will get your veterinary and emergency contact information.

8. My sister/neighbor/friend takes care of my pets when I’m gone.

            Great! Animal Nanny can be your back-up plan. Keep our number handy.

9. My pets get very depressed when I’m out of town.

            This is a real consideration for some animals. It is important to pay attention to this when making decisions. Companionship offers comfort in these circumstances. Many of our clients request additional daily visits as a solution. We will spend time to offer comfort, cuddles and love. Pets look forward to our visits.

10. I am concerned with having strangers in my house.

            We will have an introductory interview where we can discuss your pets, your needs and learn which things will help you develop a sense of comfort. We are insured and bonded through Pet Sitters International. We have excellent references for you to verify. Please visit the testimonials page or call us.

11. Is using Animal Nanny worth the expense?

            Your much-loved pet is worth having somebody look after her/him when you can’t be there. Your peace of mind is worth using Animal Nanny. Having a pet sitter check up on your pets keeps the perception of activity in the house when you’re gone. Animal Nanny visits mean your pets have companionship, and are happy in familiar surroundings. Our furry clients look forward to seeing us!

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12. What's next?

            Contact us for more information or to setup an introductory visit.