Animal Nanny Russ
In-Home Pet Sitting

About Animal Nanny!
Research shows that animals are most comfortable in a familiar environment. In fact, many veterinarians recommend that pets stay home while their owners are away. Animal Nanny is a comprehensive pet sitting service that provides safe, comfortable and affordable pet care in your absence.

1. What do pet sitters do?

            So that your pet doesn’t have to leave home when you do, Animal Nanny’s pet sitters will take care of your animal(s) in their own abode. With individual visits lasting up to 30 minutes, your sitter will get to know your pet’s routine and provide food, fresh water, exercise, and attention. We also water plants, pick up mail, open and close draperies or blinds and turn lights on and off.

2. Why select a pet sitter?

            With consistent and pleasant visits from an Animal Nanny, your pet will be happier in his or her own environment. (That, in turn, will reduce the stress level for both of you!) By using Animal Nanny pet sitters, you will no longer have to impose on family or friends to watch your pet. You will not have to expose your pet to potential disease or aggression from other animals at boarding facilities. And, you will have a pet sitter who will get to know your pet like one of the family.

3. Who are the pet sitters?

            Animal Nanny’s pet sitters are fully trained and experienced. We have extensive experience, with many years of working with a variety of animals, both large and small. We are also fully insured and bonded. New staff members are always carefully screened and trained. To ensure a safe environment, all (house) keys are coded and all of our vehicles are without insignias, so only those you tell will know you are away.

4. How does this benefit you?

            During our initial interview process, extensive information about your pet’s needs, habits ands disposition is gathered. Along with your itinerary, we will gather veterinary and emergency contacts. Just knowing that your pet will feel comfortable and be well taken care of while you are away will set your mind at ease. In addition, your residence will look occupied, thwarting any would-be intruders or potential break-ins.